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Agarwood essential oil is created from natural agarwood extracted by steam. Very warm characteristic scent of incense.

Effects: repel negative qi, attract wealth and prosperity, purify the environment, soothe nerves, reduce stress, maintain lucidity, stimulate creativity.

8 effects of pure agarwood oil that you should know:
1. Beauty skin
The ancients bring agarwood oil to the face to fight aging and make the skin more beautiful. According to research, it works to create skin elasticity and tighten pores. Especially useful in removing wrinkles and helping the skin firm. We often find agarwood oil in the ingredients of skin creams, acne treatments or special serums.
It is also suggested to add the mixture of rice bran, olive oil to a face mask. Note if your skin is irritated and sensitive before using it.

2. The raw materials of the perfume
This effect is probably not too strange. Because of the gentle and special scent of Agarwood. In the perfume industry, Agarwood Oil is an indispensable fragrance.

3. Pain relief
Abdominal pain and joint pain are caused by damage to cartilage tissue. Agarwood oil works to prevent this damage. Therefore, according to folklore, when there is swelling or arthritis. Just put a few drops of Agarwood oil on the sore area and massage it lightly, you will see the immediate effect.

4. Good for the digestive system
Agarwood oil has been studied to be effective in detoxifying, fighting nausea and poisoning. Natural ingredients help the stomach wall elasticity become more regular and rhythmic. From there, it fights digestive related diseases such as indigestion, bloating and diarrhea.

5. Reduce stress and fatigue
The problem of stress is no stranger to us. There are also many stress-relieving drugs on the market. However, it has many dangerous side effects. Using a natural product is certainly more trusted. The scent of Agarwood oil when used for steaming will help the nervous system relax more and not harm the health.

6. Regulate menstruation
Thanks to its effects on the digestive system, Agarwood oil is also useful for women's menstruation, helping to regulate cycles and reduce pain. If you experience menstrual cramps, you can place a few drops of Agarwood essential oil into the palm of your hand and rub it evenly over your abdomen.

7. Erectile effect
A recent study shows that Agarwood oil also helps erection, more arousal in sex. Since then, it prolongs the relationship, so it is very popular for couples.

8. Anti-inflammatory effect
In addition, Agarwood oil works to help protect the health of the stomach very well, it is effective in treating gastritis caused by HP bacteria.

Note when using essential oils:
- Use in Medicine should follow the instructions of a Doctor.
- Do not continue using essential oils if an allergy occurs.
- Store in a closed jar, in a dry place, away from sunlight
- Do not use for women who are pregnant

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