Oud Incense

Oud Incense

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Therefore, products made from agarwood are widely favored and used, with agarwood incense being a notable example.
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Our oud stick is made from the very high quality oud powder. It is a form of agarwood diffuser, which has been favorite used in Korea, Japan, china, UAE and Saudi Arabia, etc. All of our products are CHEMICAL-FREE and safe for daily uses.

Agarwood wood box is usually made from monolithic incense wood, used to contain incense without toothpick. The basswood box is highly aesthetically pleasing because of its extremely luxurious appearance by its sophisticated and creative design.

Information of wooden box with frankincense.
+ As mentioned above, incense box is made from monolithic incense wood.
+ There are subtly carved lids.
+ Inside, there is a fireproof metal piece, which helps during the attack, the box does not catch fire but burns.

Value of wooden box with frankincense:
+ Many customers are looking to buy and use because of the elegance and meticulous in design.
+ Used in family, or as a gift for friends or relatives.
+ Compact and convenient can be placed anywhere in the house you want.

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