Oud Anchor

Oud Anchor

Artificial agarwood, also known as Sanai (agarwood tree), is created through human intervention on the Aquilaria tree, in contrast to the natural formation of agarwood.
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Name: Oud anchor
Code: Mus07
Uses: praying, worshiping, breaking into the house, exorcising evil spirits, bringing good luck, cleaning house space, happiness
Weight: 30 tablets/100g
Fragrance: strong milky sweetness, lingering fragrance

What’s Muhassan Oud?

Before we talk about oud Muhassan and the meaning of the word oud Muhassan in the first place, let us first get to know the natural oud. You will not know refined agarwood unless you know what natural agarwood is first.

What is natural agarwood?

The term natural agarwood refers to the incense wood of agarwood that is extracted from the agarwood trees planted - naturally - in the forests of Southeast Asian countries.

The high-value incense sticks represent the infected part of the agarwood tree, which has been infected for a period ranging from 70 to 150 years or more.

It is from the nature of the agarwood tree that if it suffers an injury to its trunk due to the claws of animals or natural conditions, it secretes a natural substance that resists that injury.

And by treating this injury, it turns into a color darker than the natural color of the tree trunk. It is these affected parts that are extracted as one of the most luxurious incense sticks in the world.

The trunks of these long-lived trees are cut, and then the affected parts are separated from the healthy parts manually by skilled workers, using sharp tools that help them accomplish this process.

Oud Anchor

Meaning of Oud Muhassan?

Al-Oud Al-Muhassan means the incense of the agarwood that has been produced artificially. It was called improved because it was ordinary wood, then some improvement procedures were applied to it that made it an aromatic incense similar to natural incense of agarwood.

Why is Oud Muhassan made?

Oud enjoys a special place for the Arab user, especially the Saudi user. It is considered an essential part of the daily life of a Saudi citizen.

It is used as a perfume for his clothes, and incense in his house, and he uses it after bathing, and on holidays, weddings, public occasions, guest houses, and others.

Because of this popularity and this spread, the oud occupies an essential part of the family budget in spending as well as food and drink.

On the other hand, due to the difficulty of obtaining the original species so that there is no uncontrolled cutting of trees, the original agarwood has become so rare and expensive that only the rich and the princes can buy it.

As well as the scarcity of natural agarwood compared to what is required in the market, prompted traders to make an improved oud, which is very similar to the original oud, but differs from it in its affordable price for any user, and its effect is good, especially since it was made with the addition of natural aromatic substances.

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