Oud chips AAAA

Oud chips AAAA

Code: SAO2
Thickness: 0.6ml to 0.7
Fragrance: sweet and robust with a mild spiciness
Usage: prayer, worship, household rituals, warding off negativity. Brings luck, cleanses the living space, promotes happiness.
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Name: oud chips AAAA
Code: SAO2
Thickness: 0.6ml to 0.7
Length: 30cm to 35cm
Uses: praying, worshiping, breaking into the house, exorcising evil spirits, bringing good luck, cleaning house space, happiness
Fragrance: strong sweet and mildly spicy

For thousands years, Agarwood is a precious good that is a gift of mother nature. Especially, oud-compacted chip, aka drown oud chip, is a kind of thin wood that has its own scent. It is used in many fields like Feng Shui, and healthcare, accessory-making (bracelet, 108 rosary). So, What is oud-compacted chip? How could it be used on daily life? Let’s find oud through a below article.

What is Drown oud-compacted chip?
Drown oud-compacted chip is wood pieces that are formed throughout agarwood induction process. Then, oud-compacted pieces are extracted and stacked with each other and glued by a particular glue. That’s why you heard another name: Oud-compacted stacked chips.
The volume of oil is extremely high throughout core of oud chip because it is formed from the wounds on Aquilaria’ s trunk. If you leave those stacked wood pieces into water, it is completely covered by water and sink to the bottom, that’s why “drown oud chip” is its name. The deeper it sinks, the better quality. Conversely, it is not made of real agarwood.

1. wild oud chip:
According to surveys, wild oud chip is extremely rare as its formation replies on Aquilaria. In the natural environment, there are some reasons, damaging surface of trunk, then oud oil will be concentrated, resulting in wild oud chip. But, alongside long time formation, there must be other perfect conditions, fitting that process. For example, there is no way for Aquilaria to produce wild oud chip if weather conditions are bad. So, wild oud chip is restrictedly used for incense or medicine today.

2. Artificial oud chip:
Artificial oud chip, aka stacked oud chip, is popular today. Stacked oud chip is made of Sanai. During years of oil induction, a thin aromatic agarwood is formed inside a trunk, that is artificial oud chip. Its quality and scent are same as the wild one.

Description of oud chip:
This is some unique trait of oud chip:
Weight: it is heavier than other kinds of agarwood because it sinks and have a great volume of concentrated oud. Also, it goes through bad collision because it is stacked from other wood pieces. So, bracelet or rosary, made from it, is long-lasting and so hard.
Scent: this is woody fragrance, it is also pungent and long-lasting. Color: it is beautiful wood grains because it is stacked with layers of wood pieces. It is usually outstanding dark brown.

Function of oud chip
What aspects is drown oud chip good for? Today, it is used in many field on daily life. Let’s take a look:
Oud chip is used for cleansing and purifying so effectively, especially cigarettes’ s smell. Even if you’re smoking with oud chip, the adverse impact of cigarette will be mitigated.
It cleanses bad smells, bad luck, purifies air, which brings luck and prosperity to owners.
Oud chip is used for healthcare as a medicine. It makes people relax, eases stress effectively. Also, it is a cure for sleep deprivation. Bracelet and rosary, made of oud chips, are not only elegant, delicate, luxurious accessories, but it brings luck and prosperity to owners.

Popular oud chip products:
1. Agarwood-extracted products for cleansing and purifying.
It is considered that people usually use it with electrical pot to keep its fragrance long-lasting. Moreover, that approach is better than ordinary one, which releases CO2.
2. Agarwood stick for smoking
A oud chip slice is cut into small stick and put into the core of cigarettes. When smoking, it releases oud aroma that ceases the bad smell of smoking and prevents bad impacts for health.
3. chip-made medallion:
that is a popular accessory. Oud wood timber is technically engraved into wooden medallion. It is usually used for Feng Shui or auspicious purposes.
4. drown oud-made fan.
That fan is manufactured by compacting and taking oud-concentrated sides to be exposed. That fan releases comfortable aroma, making people relax and purifying air.
5. Oud chip made bracelet.
Superstitiously speaking, oud chip made bracelet brings luck and prosperity, also cleanses bad luck. Oud chip made bracelet is practically designed, but, its scent is absolute and it is exposed to be extremely subtle.
6. oud chip made ring
oud chip pieces are compressed and sculpted. Then, they become practically simple, but modern. Owners’ identity will be exposed thank to its faint fragrance and special materials.

Price of oud chip.
How much does it cost? It is all the case with many people. Oud chip is cheaper than wild agarwood, it also depends on many aspects. If a chip has the high density of oil, thin, beautiful dark, and seamless woodgrain after being stacked, its price would be relatively higher than ordinary ones. How depth is it submerged and how much is it glued are also important elements to its price.

That is detail information, it is believed that it helps you to understand more about oud chips and make your decision what you need.

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