Oud core of agarwood

Oud core of agarwood

Code: Mus01
Usage: prayer, worship, home altar, warding off evil. Brings luck, cleanses the living space, promotes happiness. Weight: 45 cubes/100g. Fragrance: sweet, robust, and refreshing.
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Name: Oud core of agarwood
Code: Mus01
Uses: praying, worshiping, breaking into the house, exorcising evil spirits, bringing good luck, cleaning house space, happiness
Weight: 45 tablets /100g
Fragrance: sweet, strong bar
Origin: Viet Nam
Brand: Oud-house
Color: Dark
Specification: Hard, drown.
Size: Small
Sample: Free sample – No free ship.
Parcel: Carton box.
Minimum order: 1kg
Shipping unit: DHL or FedEx (No free shipping fee)
Delivery time: 1 week after fully paid

Specification of artificial agarwood – Muhassan
Agarwood is the precious kind of wood in Vietnam, which generates a unique fragrance. Also, it is considered that it is used for many purposes such as cure for some diseases. Today, due to the high consumption, people have tried to figured out how to get artificial agarwood from the natural Aquilaria. Sanai has a unique aroma, also there is the high density of oil inside. It is not only preciously valued, but it is a raw material of many products like: agarwood incense, agarwood bracelet, rosary,… .Let’s take a deep dive into the Agarwood world in the article below.

What is Artificial Agarwood- Muhassan?
Artificial Agarwood, aka Sanai (agarwood tree), is artificially formed by people measuring Aquilaria, which is different from wild agarwood that is naturally formed under impacts of nature. That measure is so complex. People have to wound Aquilaria’s trunk. Then, they nail in the holing, and a special mixture, which is to trigger agarwood formation, is injected to the holing wound. Sanai is formed during 4 to 5 years, and agarwood oil is formed by the mixture of rain droplets and its resin. That type of Agarwood is same as wild agarwood, which has woody scent, also is glistered and wet because of the high density of oil. It is considered that that could be a folk cure for the well-being, for mental health, it also is an assistant material for some diseases relating to heart or respiratory problem. Agarwood formation in the natural environment is 10 year-duration, which is not enough for global demand. So, Sanai is more efficient, time-saving, economical, and as good as natural agarwood.

Specification of artificial agarwood – Muhassan
1. Characteristic
Agarwood induction duration is shorter, but more productive than natural one. Woody fragrance is unique, catering quickly in wide space. There are many agarwood induction methods, producing wood pieces, which are in a range of shape and color. However, organic induction methods are highly remarked and widely used, guaranteeing high quality and no impurities.
2. Price of Agarwood
How much does artificial agarwood cost? It is curious. Because its quantity supplied often meets the need, so its price is comparatively low to natural Agarwood. Its price is usually just several million VND for a kilo, in case that the higher quality, the more expensive it is.
Muhassan is often used as a raw material for perfume, cosmetic, medicine, or feng shui. The First class is about 60.000-65.000 USD/kg, price of oil is about 30.000-50.000USD/kg.

Popular product made of Sanai Oud.
Those are popular products made of Sanai wood piece:
1. Artificial Agarwood incense
For thousands years, Agarwood incense has been an indispensable part of Vietnam worship culture. According to the former concept, Agarwood is a gift of heaven, so Vietnameses use it at Tet, Buddhist birthday, … to show their worship. Moreover, Agarwood is used for cleansing, purifying air, bringing luck to owner. Round-shaped Agarwood incense and bud-shaped Agarwood incense is also used for cleansing at New Year Eve.
2. Artificial Agarwood bracelet
Artificial Agarwood bracelet is so noticed for Feng Shui. Those, wearing it often, could gain luck, prosperity, safe and sound because Agarwood bracelet is so auspicious. Also, with delicate and faint aroma, it purifies air, cleanses body, and improves mental health. Today, there are many types of Agarwood bracelets like round – shaped or square-shaped particles, or mixed with charm, it is Feng Shui bracelet, but also highly aesthetic accessories.
3. Artificial Agarwood oil:
Artificial agarwood generates same volume as natural one, so It is used for medicine purposes. Agarwood oil ceases body out of pain, soften skin, improves blood stream, good for digestive system. Moreover, oil is also used for cleansing, purifying air.
4. Artificial agarwood powder
Sanai can be crushed into powder, which is used for purifying, cleansing bad energy, insects, and collecting luck for owners. More importantly, it is a precious material for oriental medicine. Its fragrance could cease stress, is a cure for sleep deprivation, chronic headache, vestibular disorder….

Where could you buy artificial agarwood?
Could you find out where is reliable to buy artificial agarwood? You should buy at prestigious agarwood suppliers, which are highly renowned and demonstrates their products with a reasonable price.
Oud-house confidently provide one of the best Muhassan products that are highly remarked by customers for years. Oud-house uses 100% oud as a main material to produce Muhassan , of which scent fits the needs around the world, and long-lasting. On top of that, quality is highly remarked by clients. With highly professional manner, alongside with the professional, proactive, enthusiastic consultant team, it is considered that you will satisfy with our products.

That is detail information relating to artificial agarwood, also popular products from it. We hope you could drill deeper on Sanai with that to choose what you are interested in.
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