How to preserve agarwood products in the right way ?

Preserving agarwood is an important part of using agarwood and agarwood products.  When choosing to use agarwood, you need to have a deep understanding of this treasury natural resource and know how to preserve agarwood products. Agarwood, known for its charming scent and different fragrance from other elements, is extracted from Aquilaria tree. Agarwood is often used in making agarwood bracelets, spiritual products and medicine so ensuring its preservation will protect the unique smell. 

What is agarwood and the importance of preserving agarwood

Agarwood is a natural element that has been well-known for years in the industry for its amazing benefits in different aspects of life. This kind of oud is derived from the core of the agarwood trees, mostly found in Vietnam and other Southeast countries. Making agarwood products requires a lot of process so it needs to be preserved.

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